Linux LDAP Administration


Linux Directory Services and Authentication

Course Description :

Linux Directory Services and Authentication (RH423) is an intensive course designed to training Senior System Administrators the skills required to manage and deploy the Linux Directory Server on and for LinuxLinux systems. This course also covers cross-platform integration of directory services in order to provide authentication or information services across the enterprise. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the basic concepts, configuration, and management of LDAP-based services. This course also explores PAM, the Pluggable Authentication Modules system, and how it integrates with services that require authentication.

Audience :

  • Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for user account information and secured enterprise authentication mechanisms of one or more Linux systems
  • System administrators who have configured directory services and authentication on other operating systems but now want to perform those tasks on a Linux system
  • Experienced system administrators wanting to integrate directory service and authentication mechanisms across multiple operating systems

Prerequisites :

  • 2 years of Linux experience

 Course Hours : 3Hours