M2’s vendor neutral Certified InformationSystems Security Officer certification trainingwas a direct initiative of the DND – Departmentof National Defence of Canada in cooperationwith the DOD – Department of Defense of theUnited States; defined in the dual initiativetitled CANUS CDISM MOU - ID#: 1974100118found
at: In the CANUS CDISM MOU, itstated the following:I. The CDRSN National InformationSystem Security Officer (ISSO) is thefocal point for all security issuespertaining to this network.II. The Director Information ManagementSecurity (DIMSECUR) is the DNDauthority for security assessment ofthe CDRSN, including the approval ofInterim Authority to Process (IAP) andAuthority to Communicate.With these initiatives in mind, Mile2 createdthe Certified ISSO.  
The CISSO addresses the broad range ofindustry best practices, knowledge and skillsexpected of a security manager/officer. Thecandidate will learn in-depth theory pertainingto the practical implementation of core securityconcepts, practices, monitoring andcompliance in the full panorama of ISmanagement.   Through the use of a risk-based approach, the CISSO is able toimplement and maintain cost-effective securitycontrols that are closely aligned with bothbusiness and industry standards. 
Whether you’re responsible for the
management of a Cyber Security team, aSecurity Officer, an IT auditor or a BusinessAnalyst, the C)ISSO certification course is anideal way to increase your knowledge,expertise and skill. 

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