The Secure Web Application Engineer course provides the developer with a thorough and broad understanding of secure application concepts, principles and standards. The developer will be able to design, develop and test web applications that will provide reliable web services that meet functional business requirements and satisfy compliance and assurance needs.

Graduates of the Mile2 Certified Secure Web Application Engineer training obtain real world security knowledge that enables them to recognize vulnerabilities, exploit system weaknesses and help safeguard against threats.

Web applications are increasingly more sophisticated and as such, they are critical to almost all major online businesses. As more applications are web enabled, the number of web application security issues will increase, traditional local system vulnerabilities, such as directory traversals, overflows and race conditions, are opened up to new vectors of attack.

The responsibility for the security of sensitive systems will rest increasingly with the web developer, rather than the vendor or system administrator. As with most security issues involving client/server communications, Web application vulnerabilities generally stem from improper handling of client requests and/or a lack of input validation checking on the part of the developer.

The Mile2 Certified Secure Web Application Engineer training teaches students to detect various security issues with web applications and identify vulnerabilities and risks.

Upon completion of the C)SWAE students will be able to confidently undertake the C)SWAE certification examination. Students will enjoy an in-depth course that is regularly updated to maintain and incorporate the ever changing web application and secure code technologies.

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