Solaris Network Administration


This course imparts the skills required for performing network administration activities. Candidates become proficient in configuring and troubleshooting LANs, i.e. local area networks. The training prepares candidates for exam essentials, which include:

  1. Configuration of Network Interface Layer
  2. Configuration of Network
  3. Configuration and Management of Network Applications
  4. Configuration of Solaris IP Filter

Participants gain understanding on concepts such as:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) routing
  • Solaris IP Filter firewall
  • IPv6, i.e. IP version 6
  • DHCP, i.e. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • DNS, i.e. Domain Name System

Students are also introduced to TCP/IP Model, Ethernet Interfaces, and LAN and its components. In addition, they learn Transport Layer fundamentals, as well as ARP and RARP.


Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator

  • Regular Track: Any candidate with basic knowledge Solaris administration and networking.
  • Fast Track: Candidate with intermediate knowledge of Solaris system administration and networking.
  • Super Fast Track: Candidate with strong knowledge of Solaris system administration.

Introducing the TCP/IP Model

Introducing LANs and Their Components

Describing Ethernet Interfaces

Describing ARP and RARP

Configuring Internet Protocol

      Configuring IP Network Multipathing

        Configuring Routing

          Configuring IPv6

          Describing the Transport Layer

          Configuring DNS

          Configuring DHCP

          Configuring NTP

          Configuring the Solaris IP Filter Firewall