Windows to Linux Migration


Master Linux o ers a complete and concrete solution for migrating from Windows to Linux. Our service includes:

• Migration process planning
• Automated migration scripts
• Anti-virus / Anti-spam solutions
• Specific migration and deployment details for all relevant technologies.

The proliferation of security issues, stability issues and the high cost of user-licenses in Windows make the necessity of Windows to Linux Migration. Master Linux guarantees smooth transition from Windows to Linux. Since Linux becoming more Windows-like in terms of ease-of-use, migration will hardly feel to the end user. Master Linux Windows to Linux migration package includes the end user training those who rely on basic applications like Internet Explorer, MS oce suite, Outlook, MSN Messenger and other software packages in Windows environment. Master Linux Windows to Linux migration covers the areas of DHCP, DNS, NTP, Directory Services, Authentication Services, File Services, Print Services, Email and Messaging Services, Groupware and Calendaring Services, Web Services and Desktop Migration.