Linux Bash Shell Scripting

Overview: Knowing about shell scripting is a must for any advanced Linux administrator or engineer. In this online course, you will take your first steps towards unleashing the power of shell scripting with BASH through lectures and hands-on labs. Once you have been introduced to shell scripting, you will begin to see the possibilities it can unlock in your own enterprise. Course Outlines: 1. Introduction • Shells • Types of Unix Shells • Uses fir Shell Scripts • Advantages of Shell Scripts 2. Bash Basics • Initialisation files — login shells, non-login shells • Aliases & variables • Command history • Input and output channels • Types of commands • Quoting • Substitution and expansion 3. Basic Script Elements 1 (Input/Output) • Program flow charts • General considerations • Producing output from a script • Reading user Input • Simple operation with variables 4. Basic Script Elements 2 (Control Structures) • Simple branching with if • Multiple Branch with case • Iterations and loops • Exiting from a loop 5. Advanced Scripting Techniques • Reading input with read • Shell functions • Reading options with getopts • Signal handling with trap • Implementing simple menus with select • Dialogue boxes with dialog

Vendor: Linux

Provider: Master Linux.

Category: System Infrastructure

Start at: 2020-04-05

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